Appointment of General manager

The committee of MEIS is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Alanna Gregory as our new Childhood Early Intervention Manager.

Alanna began her career as a registered nurse and worked in the nursing profession for approximately 10 years in both clinical and educational roles. For the past 9 years her work has focused on early childhood education and child care. She has worked extensively for the Commonwealth Government in social policy development and implementation of educational and early intervention programs. Alanna has an impressive skill set which will allow her to continue to provide our families with the services we have developed in the past and to guide MEIS through the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Alanna lives in Bredbo and has two young daughters that attend school in Cooma. We are very pleased to announce her appointment as the new General Manager and we look forward to introducing her to the staff, the children and their families over the next few weeks.

Donation from Vail Resorts

MEIS is now able to support more families in the Snowy Mountains to access the Circle of Security Parenting Program. This is thanks to a personal donation of $75,000 from CEO of Vail Resorts, Rob Katz, and his wife, Elana Amsterdam (as part of a $2 million contribution to organisations operating around Vail resorts, which includes Perisher in Australia).

MEIS is enormously grateful for these funds and the exciting opportunity it presents to deliver this program to more families in the community. The benefits to children are significant and have a positive impact on their lives. These funds have the potential to provide far reaching benefits across the community.

More information about the program is available here